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business planning


Business Planning

Are these functional areas vital to your organization's success?

  • Evaluating current structure, objectively
  • Analyzing performance and productivity for each division
  • Defining future plans, directions and forecasting potential
  • Developing a plan of action for growth and improvement

The Strategic Team Provides:

  • Project Initiation
  • Data Gathering
  • Diagnosis
  • Reporting
  • Recommendations
  • Implementation


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Service Management Studies

Strategic planning requires choosing a plan of action that maximizes full use of organizational resources, improving the quality and outcome of risk-taking decisions and providing a clear sense of direction.

SBS helps an organization define its basic mission, potential sources of growth, competitive position, resources, strengths and limitations.

A business organization needs financial strength and capable management to survive in today's competitive marketplace. SBS points the way toward both!

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Project Administration

Are your projects profitable?

SBS will ensure that your projects are on target with projected revenue and costs.

SBS will establish financial and administrative controls, develop a cash flow analysis and formulate work/time/completion schedules and goals.

SBS provides certification assistance to minority and women-owned firms.

SBS will coordinate, recruit and screen minority and women-owned businesses for participation in related programs.

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Contract Monitoring

SBS will conduct on-site reviews to evaluate the performance of contractors, to ensure compliance with contract standard requirements, legislative and program regulations.

Items reviewed by SBS staff will include contracts and budgets, operating procedures, human resource structure, inventory control and financial procedures.

The results of the monitoring will clearly delineate problem areas and deficiencies, include appropriate recommendations and identify accomplishments.

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Cash Management

What is the gross profit margin on each of your products or services?
Did each business unit operate within the budget?
Do you have effective cash management procedures in place?

To manage effectively, you need current and accurate answers to each of theses questions and more.

SBS will evaluate, design and install financial systems that will assist you in effectively managing and directing the financial resources of your organization.

Services include financial analysis, budget development, cash management procedures, reporting systems and loan packaging.

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Human Resource Planning

The activities of every member of a business organization must be focused toward specific objectives and goals. SBS engagements include job analyses descriptions, evaluations, classification, and compensation studies as well as overall human resource planning.

Our team will conduct employee surveys, prepare personnel policies and procedures manuals, develop a performance evaluation system, and provide training for effective implementation.

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Market Surveys

The identification and definition of specific markets, i.e., industries, companies, products or services, often lend greater success to business operations. Once key markets are identified and performance has been analyzed, an organization's future objectives may be introduced in a more precise manner.

SBS will provide you with a proficient market survey through the use of analyses and feasibility studies.

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SBS conducts training sessions on all services offered to assist companies in implementing their business plans and strategies.

SBS will design seminars to meet your particular company needs.


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